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Grow your revenue while building great people.
HomeTask uses a very different approach to franchise development. If you've already considered other development opportunities in the franchise industry then you are on a great path. HomeTask offers talented developers to literally build a local empire which does not have limits on overall growth but does keep you from having to travel just to see the business and revenue grow. Our vision for our franchise partners is for them to be owner/operators driving the service vehicle and helping their customers enjoy a more peaceful home life. We have unlocked the code for high quality, great reviews and incredible results by keeping the provider behind the wheel of the business. Your opportunity is to find, lead and coach these owner-operators to success as they deliver an uncommon result at each of their service calls.
  • No real estate: Open new locations quickly with very little barrier to entry, strong service demand, and no real estate negotiations or build out. The service industry rides on the four wheels of service vehicles. The HomeTask system enables Franchise Partners to operate from the comfort of their homes and the low overhead of their service vehicles.
  • The best systems: We have worked hard to build systems that will enable our Developers to find potential franchise partners, manage their information through the franchise sales process and ensure consistency for everyone, all the boxes get checked which leads to more sales and happier franchise partners. There are also excellent business applications and coaching mechanisms in place to ensure local success once the franchises are up and running.
  • Grassroots business: We like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of employment replacement through franchising. We enable our franchise owners to experience business ownership within a supportive structure that is much like an employment environment. They enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and income from business ownership but also have a great support system to leverage as they grow their business and themselves.
  • Additional Services: We don't see the end of the rainbow landing just in the handyman, pet care, lawn care or plumbing. HomeTask is built to support many different services such as window washing, pool maintenance, maid service, landscaping and more. Many of these additional services will be made available through our Developer network. What that means for you is that you have the potential of enjoying a greater income level within the same area. You will have the opportunity to license Yellow Van Handyman and other HomeTask brands of service in the future.
  • Franchise Relationship Management: We created a fantastic on-line system for managing our relationships with our franchise partners. We have replicated this system for other franchisors and even some of the largest in the world such as Subway.
  • Long Term Agreements:  Our Development agreements are very long-term. You can invest in and build your region with confidence.
  • Technology: We provide all the on-line services you will need including email, local phone number, and a state-of-the-art CRM system.
  • Training: We provide Development Agents initial training and on-going training and support as they build their region. The training has been specifically designed to help Developers understand the business and our processes for finding and assisting new franchise partners in starting a business and ultimately being successful in their lives!
  • Financial sharing: We share a portion of the initial franchise fee for new franchises that each Developers signs. We also share a portion of the on-going Back Office Fees (our form of royalties) in exchange for the support and service provided to the Franchise Partners.
  • Start-up Costs: HomeTask Development Agents purchase 50-packs of licenses that they then have the right to license in their chosen region. Once the Developer achieves close to all the licenses in the current block, they can continue with an additional block of licenses to continue to grow their business.
To learn more about becoming a HomeTask Development Agent, please email franchise@hometask.com and indicate your interest. We also suggest that you sign up for our short email series so that you can begin to see how our systems could work for you (just indicate you are interested in becoming a HomeTask Developer and we will route your request accordingly).
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