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Not the hammer swinging type? More interested in the business, numbers and the people? Then this is the right place for you.
HomeTask uses a very different approach to franchise development. If you've already considered other franchise opportunities and decided that the single unit approach isn't right for you HomeTask has the solution. Unlike others, we strive to enable true "empire building"! While the HomeTask vision for our franchise partners is for them to be true owner/operators driving the service vehicle and helping their customers enjoy a more peaceful home life, we also recognize the franchise partners' need for dedicated local help. Rather than buying one of the HomeTask franchise brands available, why not join HomeTask as a Developer and grow a true empire by helping people start, grow and optimize local offices in a region of your own?
  • The best systems: Because we have worked hard to build systems that will enable our Developers to find potential franchise partners, manage their information through the franchise sales process and ensure consistency for everyone, all the boxes get checked, which leads to more sales and happier franchise partners. There are also excellent business applications and coaching mechanisms in place to ensure local success once the franchises are up and running.

  • Grass roots business: We like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of employment replacement through franchising. We enable our franchise owners to experience business ownership within a supportive structure that is much like an employment environment. They enjoy the freedom, flexibility and income from business ownership but also have a great support system to leverage as they grow their operation.

  • Additional Services: We don't see the end of the rainbow landing just in the handyman, pet care, lawn care or organic produce delivery spaces. HomeTask is built to support many different services such as window washing, pool maintenance, maid service, landscaping and more. Many of these additional services will be made available through our Developer network. What that means for you is that you have the potential of enjoying a greater income level within the same area. You will have the opportunity to license Yellow Van Handyman, Freggies and Lawn Army along with other HomeTask brands of service.

  • Franchise Relationship Management: We created a fantastic on-line system for managing our relationships with our franchise partners. We have replicated this system for other franchisors and even some of the largest in the world, such as Subway.

  • Long Term Agreements: Our Development agreements are intended to be long term in nature. They are on-going agreements. You can invest in and build your region with the confidence that you are building equity in a business that isn't going to get ripped out from under you.

  • Technology: We provide all the on-line services you will need including email, local phone numbers and a state-of-the-art CRM system.

  • Training: We require all new Developers to attend one week of franchise partner training at our home offices in Seattle, WA and 12 hours of virtual training for Development specific functions. Our training has been specifically designed to help you understand the business and our processes for finding and assisting new franchise partners in starting a business and ultimately being successful in their lives! We also offer this training to your employees so you can develop a staff to sell and coach franchise partners with complete confidence. This investment in training is important to us and we know that it will lead to even better results for you.

  • Financial sharing: We share a portion of the initial franchise fee for new franchises that you sign in your area and we share a portion of the on-going Back Office Fees (our form of royalties) in exchange for the support and service you provide the franchise partners within your area.

  • Start-up Costs: HomeTask Developer owns an exclusive territory. We offer two options so the opportunity can be tailored to meet your goals. Read about the opportunities below to decide which one is right for you.

  • Area Developer: includes the rights, benefits and responsibilities of the Development Agent. Area Developers invest $150k - $750k up front and focus primarily on an aggressive rollout schedule to create multiple income streams quickly. Area Developers spend their first two years focused on opening and growing their own franchised locations creating a stable business base and income stream. Later, they will transition to franchise lead generation and licensing new franchise owners in the territory. This method has a higher start up cost and a faster return rate.

  • Development Agent: Development Agents start with a much lower initial investment, which is focused almost exclusively on local lead generation. Development Agents are required to invest a certain minimum monthly investment to generate a certain number of leads in the exclusive territory. As they grow by selling franchises in their local territory their income stream and main focus morphs from sales commissions to coaching fees and ongoing revenue streams. This program has significantly lower upfront costs and is more well suited for someone lacking the financial ability to jump on stage in their region quickly.

HomeTask Founder, Jerrod Sessler presents a number of important factors associated with HomeTask franchising from the HomeTask University (HTU) lounge. Includes a brief overview of the roles and responsibilities for a HomeTask Developer as well as a review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the use of this document in the franchise sales process.

Direct link: Click this link to watch the video from another browser window.

Additional Videos hosted on YouTube.
To learn more about becoming a HomeTask Area Developer, please email franchise@hometask.com and indicate your interest. We also suggest that you sign up for our short email series so that you can begin to see how our systems could work for you (just indicate you are interested in becoming a HomeTask Developer and we will route your request accordingly).

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