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Roger Salter
Roger Salter - Los Angeles California - Pet Butler


About Me

Hello. We are Roger Salter and Randy Parsons, your local Pet Butler franchise. We both migrated to Southern California more than 20 years ago from New Zealand and New York respectively. As animal lovers with a desire to keep our community beautiful, we were excited to find the perfect way to combine what we love with what we doo.

Yes, we’ve heard the jokes. When we tell people that our business centers on removing dog excrement from yards and commercial properties, listeners can’t help themselves. “How’s business?” they ask, “I hear it’s really picking up!” Ba dump-dump. Humor aside, we are proud to be Los Angeles County’s first Pet Butler franchise and we address a serious environmental problem: dog waste that sometimes lands in rain runoff and causes bacteria counts to rise at local beaches. For a small per-visit fee our uniformed, bonded and insured technicians will scoop up Fido’s business and cart it away to dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner, leaving you with more quality time to spend with your family and pets, and a clean environment for your kids to play in. Additional services include cat litter box exchange, deck spraying, odor elimination and delivery of healthy pet foods. We can even provide products to help train your dog to go potty in certain areas.

Pet Butler Los Angeles provides services to homes, apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, dog parks and other commercial properties on the West Side of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Our customers run the gamut from single dog owners with service once a week to 8 dogs with service 6 times a week, and gated communities where we clean all the common sidewalks throughout the property as well as service their Dogipot stations, making sure they are filled with poop bags.

Service Area

Los Angeles
West Side of Los Angeles
Santa Monica
Beverly Hills
Studio City
Pacific Palisades

What my customers think...

"3 kids and I'm a single mom. I defintely was too "pooped" to Scoop! Thank you. I recommend you to everyone! :) "
- Anna L., Brentwood, CA

"It's great. We should have done it sooner."
- Rhonda B., Brentwood, Ca

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