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Dan Vickers
Dan Vickers - St. Petersburg Florida - Pet Butler


About Me

Franchise owned by Dan Vickers, a resident of St. Petersburg. Formerly of Atlanta Dan has been the V.P. of Manufacturing for an electronic manufacturing company. He also co-founded a service company that cleaned air conditioning equipment in commercial buildings. "When I change careers I like to make radical changes. Each one of those jobs kept me occupied for 10 years.

Why would anyone want to buy a franchise specializing in cleaning up dog poop? Somebody has to do it and if not me who. Actually cleaning up poop is the best part of the job. It's the marketing and bookkeeping that stinks. I ran across this concept on the internet and decided to investigate. The more I learned about it the more interested I became. I became a member of the Pet Butler organization in January and attended PU (Poop University) in Frisco, Texas. Since then poop has been my life.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research on what pet waste does to our environment. I have written several articles on the subject and more will follow.

Poop scooping is a recognized service in most parts of the country but it was totally foreign to Pinellas County. Business is growing slowly but surely. Once someone tries the service they will not give it up. I'm sure you will love this service also when you give it a try. You don't have to be a big dog to afford this service.

I have also started a Pet Food Drive to help needy families feed their pets. Learn more at danv@petbutler.com or call me at 727-744-4649. I need pet food and help.

In December 2006 Vickers started a pet food drive to help needy people care for their pets and also to supply meals on wheels. This has become valued program to the frail and homebound clients of Meals on Wheels

Service Area

South Tampa
Hyde Park
Davis Island
Harbor Island
Town and Country
Tampa Heights
West Hillsborough
Apollo Beach
Sun City

What my customers think...

"Thanks, Mr. Pooper Scooper!"
- Marshall J., Tampa, Florida

"No more fleas and the dog doesn’t poop by the swing set anymore."
- Kathy M., Tampa, Florida

"I love your service and I’m glad the Park cares enough to hire you."
- Patrons of Hyde Park Dog Park, South Tampa, Florida

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