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Greg Magdsick
Greg Magdsick West Seattle - Freggies


About Me

I have been amassing my knowledge of nutrition as a hobby since 2002, but didn't turn it into a career until 2011 when I started out as the Operations Manager of Freggies. My background in hospitality helps me see that my main job is to serve my members. With close attention to detail and a love of learning, I work tirelessly to see new ways I can help my members improve their health. With a wife and 1 young daughter, maintaining my own health is a huge priority. Freggies isn't merely a company for me, it's a part of how my family lives.

I want to make it easier for people to get organic fruits and vegetables into their diet, through our delivery service, but also through the resources I can provide in terms of recipes, wellness professionals I know. In a real and tangible way, I will be helping my members live longer, more enjoyable lives.

The most common request I receive, other than asking us to deliver produce is to help them figure out how to eat chard or kale. Thankfully, there are some really tasty recipes out there that are not too hard to make for both of those.

I love to connect with people and learn how I can help them. I am honored when a member refers me to one of their friends. They are putting the trust they have built with this friend on the line, because they believe I can help their friend. It's a great privilege to be put in that position, and then follow through by actually helping them.

Franchise Benefits:

I love meeting people and helping them. I really enjoy having flexibility in my schedule to be able to help take care of my wife and new daughter. I expect to enjoy being busy, connected to my community and helping others improve their health.

Service Area

West Seattle
Rainier Valley
Seward Park


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