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Tampa, St. Petyersburg - Craters & Freighters

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When you have packing, crating and shipping needs in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, Craters & Freighters is here to help you with everything you need to make sure your goods are packaged safely and arrive in their destinations as intended.

Because we offer comprehensive packing and shipping services, there's no need to go through the hassle of working with multiple service providers to fulfill all of your shipping needs. Working with multiple providers can cause shipping mistakes and increase your overall level of spending for your shipping activities. Working with us to manage to handle all of your shipping activities means you'll be able to come to one place for everything you need to reduce the time you need to spend working on shipping activities.

Packing can be accomplished with the wooden boxes and crates and corrugated boxes we provide. We also offer MIL spec crates, product-specific engineered packaging, and custom shipping crates to help you pack your goods effectively. Our domestic services are ideal for those who have shipping destinations located in the United States. We have air and ground transportation available to make sure your goods are delivered on time and we also offer nationwide delivery for your convenience.

International shipping services are often limited by other companies, but we offer many options that can make international shipping more convenient. Air and sea cargo delivery options are available and we also offer ISPM packaging. Working with leaders in industries such as government/military, asset relocations, art and antiques, reverse logistics, and auctions means we have the experience needed to manage your shipping activities from beginning to end. We're available to offer more information if you'd like to learn more about our packing and shipping services. Simply give us a call or email for a free crating, packaging or shipping quote at (877) 448-SHIP or e-mail us at Tampa@CratersAndFreighters.com.

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Why Choose Us?

Businesses and residential clients rely on Craters & Freighters of Tampa's expert packaging, crating, and shipping services. Craters & Freighters is the only crating company with all the details covered and can provide quotes that include pick-up, insurance coverage, packaging, crating, shipping, and delivery with one simple call!

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St. Petersburg areas

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