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Minneapolis, St Paul - Craters & Freighters

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At Craters & Freighters of Minnesota there are no "off the shelf" solutions. Every crate, for every job we build is to the exact specifications of the item being transported. Computer assisted design builds your crate specifically for your item, not the other way around. From the finest artwork in the world, to CNC machinery, our designs cover them all. We are able to accommodate a range of application specific needs to fulfill your job requirement; anti-vibration, anti-static, floating bases, internal suspension, electrical component packaging, blocking and bracing are just a few examples of the expertise and our know how can help you. Even if it's never been done before; our engineers can make it happen!
International Crating - ISPM-15 Certification
Craters & Freighters of Minnesota is internationally licensed to build and ship wooden crating. Our ISPM 15 certification is stamped onto all our international shipments allowing customs to verify that your shipment meets/exceeds all packaging laws implemented to stop the spread of alien and invasive species.

Craters & Freighters can build you a custom packaging solution for your boxed shipping requirements. Every container, box, and gaylord that we construct is made with double walled corrugated, then lined with foam, and made to our exacting standards. As with all our packaging, your corrugated container is custom built to your item. We don't have a rack that we pull a pre-made box from that in most cases would be too large or too small for you item. Once packed, your item will then be placed on an appropriate skid and/or pallet so that it can be transported safely and moved freely by fork truck and pallet jack without damage.

Phone: (763) 424-3300Toll Free: (866) 999-4826Fax: (763) 424-8810

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Businesses and residential clients rely on Craters & Freighters of Minneapolis' expert packaging, crating, and shipping services. Craters & Freighters is the only crating company with all the details covered and can provide quotes that include pick-up, insurance coverage, packaging, crating, shipping, and delivery with one simple call!

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