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Houston - Craters & Freighters

About Me

Our Services packing, crating and shipping services are offered by some companies in Houston, but not with the level of quality service provided to customers. Traditional shipping companies often limit their services to keep costs down or fail to provide packing containers to help protect your goods during shipment. When you need a company that will use the resources available to them to manage all of your shipping needs, look to Craters & Freighters to save you time and money and make the shipping experience more convenient and less of a hassle.

With experience working with government agencies, military personnel, auction services, and the art and antiques industry, we have the knowledge and experience needed to work with customers in any industry to ensure that their needs are met and they are given excellent customer service. We offer basic packing containers like corrugated boxes and wooden crates and boxes to customers whose packing needs are fairly standard.

To find out how we can save you time and money on your packaging, crating and shipping needs, call us at 888.495.SHIP or e-mail us at Houston@CratersAndFreighters.com

For more advanced shipping container needs, we offer custom shipping containers. These containers include product-specific engineered packaging, custom shipping crates, and MIL spec containers.

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Why Choose Us?
Businesses and residential clients rely on Craters & Freighters of Houston's expert packaging, crating, and shipping services. Craters & Freighters is the only crating company with all the details covered and can provide quotes that include pick-up, insurance coverage, packaging, crating, shipping, and delivery with one simple call!

Contact Information:
Phone: (713) 467-6311Toll Free: (888) 495-7447Fax: (713) 467-1178
1111 Upland Dr., Ste. M
Houston, TX 77043

Service Area

The Houston Metropolitan Area

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