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Silicon Valley - Craters & Freighters

About Me

Only Craters & Freighters offers you 21 years of experience in expert packaging, crating, and shipping just about anything to nearly anywhere. We have 65 locations across the country providing one-stop service, including pick-up and delivery. Whether you’re shipping highly sensitive electronics or museum quality artwork, moving an estate or an entire office, or sending family heirlooms to multiple locations or manufactured items worldwide; you can depend on Craters & Freighters.

Remember, when it’s too big, too heavy, or too valuable for the others, it’s just right for us.

* Crated/Shipped 10' Stone Statue to Italy
* Crated/shipped antique furniture to New York
* Crated/shipped bedroom furniture set to Florida
* Crated/shipped motorcycle to Saudi Arabia
* Crated/shipped oil paintings valued at $170,000 to Illinois.

Service Area

San Jose
Los Gatos
Morgan Hill
Los Altos
Mountain View
Palo Alto
Santa Clara
Portola Valley
Menlo Park

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What my customers think...

Christine C.
San Jose, CA 6/25/2012
"I used Craters & Freighters in 2006 to transport antique furniture from Minnesota to California. It arrived on time and in great condition at a reasonable price. I would recommend them highly"

A L.
Manhattan, NY 5/31/2012
"Great customer service. I really felt that they were trying to get me the lowest possible price.

I just moved across country. I only had a few boxes worth of stuff, so a POD or big truck moving service were not cost effective options. To make matters more complex, I was also moving a large plasma TV.

The correct way to ship a flat screen TV is to put it in a custom wooden crate (which Craters & Freighters can do!), but that would add a lot to the cost of the shipment. I spoke with Steve P. over the phone and we decided to compromise by building a custom pallet so that my TV's box (original from store) could be surrounded by my other boxes. I dropped everything off at their warehouse and they wrapped it up tightly on a pallet.

I shipped over 750 lbs for much less than the $1.2k that the second lowest option had quoted me. They were really nice about holding onto my pallet until I had gotten a new apartment to ship to. Once I gave the word to ship, though, my things arrived in less than a week (BTW, the TV survived without a scratch)!

If you are moving and have too much to mail but too little to require a whole POD, I recommend you give Craters & Freighters a call."

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