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David Dekhtyar
Handyman Services in Tacoma - Yellow Van Handyman


About Me

David has been building things since he was a child helping his dad in their family owned auto shop. His skills vary from electrical to renovating entire homes.He has been married for over 3 years and has 2 children. He enjoys his work but is happiest spending time with his family.

I have been building and rebuilding things ever since I was a child. I started helping my dad in our family owned auto shop at a very young age, which granted me the opportunity to experience hard work and led me to what I really wanted to do; which is become a handyman. The Yellow Van Handyman business allows me to work on many spectrums of construction. My skills vary from electric down to renovating an entire home.

I have always enjoyed helping people and working with my hands. As a handyman I am able to do both of those things. I have been married for over 3 years and have 2 beautiful children. Although I enjoy my work I am happiest spending time with my family.

Service Area

Gig Harbor

My Address:
1625 East 72nd St Suite 700 #142
TACOMA, WA 98404

General Contractor

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    Overall experience

  • Called when he knew road accident delay would make him late. Wonderful work, great person, too!

  • David's my handyman, that simple.

  • David did a WONDERFUL job on our backsplash, and Kitchen! He was on time, got extra materials, and was a very efficient, knowledgeable Handyman! We would recommend him, and certainly hire him again! Thanks, David!

  • 20 min. late arriving today

  • Always have great experiences with your company.

  • One more trip out to finish, sigh!

  • He was about 20 min. late because of traffic but called 5 min. before due time to let me know, which was much appreciated. Knowledgeable, efficient as all get-out and a really nice person to boot. I'm thrilled!

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