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Lawn Army

The Ultimate in Lawn Care

About Lawn Army

Lawn Army launched with nationwide franchise opportunities in the spring of 2011. The Lawn Army mission is to provide a professional lawn mow and edging service to home owners, businesses, parks and commercial facilities the world round! Lawn Army also tackles various landscape projects in your yard and another yard in your home town. Watch for Lawn army to protect your neighborhood from those pesky overgrown yards and menacing out-of-uniform edges. We are manning the fort!


What’s the initial cost to own a Lawn Army franchise?
Why would I choose a franchise rather than going it alone?
Why is Lawn Army better than any other lawn care franchise?
How would becoming a Lawn Army franchise affect my existing landscape business?
Can I start my Lawn Army franchise if I have no landscaping experience?
What does a new Lawn Army franchise cost to operate?
Will I have to rename my existing business?
What services do I receive in return for my monthly "Back Office Fee"?
How much money will I earn with my franchise?
How is my territory determined?
Will I have a protected territory with my franchise?
Will Lawn Army send me business?
What kind of training can I expect?
How long does it take to launch a Lawn Army franchise?
What are the next steps?

Customer Feedback

Yesterday I came home from running errands and my lawn had been cut and the last round of leaves had been totally cleaned up! Mow, Edge & Clean! Wonderful. To me, there is nothing more enjoyable when I arrive at my house than seeing my yard really nice.

Lawn Army
Phone: 206-763-6800

South Carolina

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