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HomeTask Cares Foundation

The HomeTask team is dedicated to providing the best handyman service available on the planet! In addition to providing the best solution for your to-do list tasks, we also understand that some people have more needs than they have means. These needs are often more critical than most we solve.

The HomeTask Franchise Partners enjoy having a venue for delivering charitable service to the communities they serve. The HomeTask Cares Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and a project of the National Heritage Foundation.

To submit a request for someone you know that needs some help, click here.

Below are some examples of services that have been performed by the HomeTask Franchise Partners.

1/2017active military, and military widow, has been transferred to new location and needed help getting house ready for saleClinton UTDave Wright
2/2014Small business owner and mother of two with a pending divorce. She called for help with a leaking roof - she needed and estimate for repairs to submit to insurance. Insurance was most likely not going to cover of would have been chargeable towards the deductible. The business owner is struggling to run the business by herself and really could not afford an additional expense at this time.Oshkosh WIRus Kettner
3/2012Minority female widow with a daughter and two new foster children (boys). She previously ran a in-home day care but has been forced to enter the job market after her husband passed away. The front door would not stay closed or lock. I replaced several stripped screws and adjusted the strike plate resulting in a properly functioning entry knob which will help her secure her home and family.Oshkosh WIRus Kettner
4/2011I pick up, bag and deliver dog food to animal shelters around the west-central Florida area - specifically Boca Raton.Boca Raton FLBill Ewing
5/2010We renovated a kitchen for a local resident who lost a family member. This was a rather large project probably valued at around $70k. We did collect some funds from the member to cover some material costs but the majority of the project was free. Special thanks to all of the Yellow Van Handyman that participated and to the HomeTask Support Center for help and coordination.Burien WAScott Steepleton
7/2009Stephanie Chase, a Bellingham, WA resident and mother of two little kids lost her husband in a skiing accident so the Yellow Van Handyman teams from Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA rallied together to provide some help to her at her home. This project was coordinated through AngiesList (Angies List Projects). We built a new fence, planted new plants, finished a shed, dug up and cleaned up her gardBellingham WAJerrod Sessler
8/2008Glendale Lutheran School, located in Burien, WA was in serious need of bathroom renovations for their girls and boys bathrooms used by the children. With decor dating back to the 60's, HomeTask's corporate office and local Handymen got together to deep clean both bathrooms, apply fresh paint, update electrical fixtures and accessories.Burien WAHomeTask Cares
8/2007The Next Step, is a christion based non-profit orginazation, They provide services to aid individuals and families who struggle to meet thier daily needs.Monroe WARyan Knudtson
5/2007Pam Smith is a member that provides shelter for less fortunate people. In her home she has several rooms that she rents for little or no cost to those who are homeless.Kirkland WARyan Knudtson
1/2007Sponsored the Alzheimers Walk. Donated HT water to participants.Vancouver BCJack Voykin
12/2005The Pertuset Family - We built and donated a two story doll house and a medieval era book case for this family as part of Northwest Afternoon's home makeover project. We made these project pieces from a spec tailored to what the kids interests were. The pieces were delivered to Fort Lewis housing.Tacoma WaThe Reeds
11/2005Install Tub, New Vynal Floor, walls and New plumming for Tub. Tukwila waPaul Szewczyk
8/2005Screen Door will not lock and Doors weather stripping was not workingSeattle waPaul Szewczyk
2/2005We installed a LifeAlert system for a n elderly couple that was having troubles getting it set up. This was at the request of Life Alert in FloridaSeattle WaColley Reed

We are proud to share some of the results of the HomeTask Cares Foundation. To support the HomeTask Cares Foundation with your charitable contribution, please send your tax deductable donation to our corporate office address listed on our contact page. To contribute on-line click here.
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