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About the Founder

Jerrod Sessler is the founder and CEO of HomeTask, Inc., a multi-brand, service-focused franchisor. Born in 1969, Sessler has always had a passion for innovation and leadership. At four years old, Sessler told his mom that he wanted to drive a racecar and in 1998 that dream came true when he started racing as a NASCAR driver. After serving as a Navy Petty Officer and then as an engineer at Intel Corporation Sessler’s life came to a screeching halt when he was diagnosed with stage four metastasized melanoma. Sessler was given a 5% chance of life and opted to pursue alternative treatment by moving to a plant-based diet. Now, almost ten years after his grim diagnosis, Sessler is cancer free and full of life.

In 2004, Sessler founded HomeTask, Inc, a service company, using the franchise business platform which allowed him to grow great brands such as Yellow Van Handyman, Freggies, Lawn Army, and Blue Crew. The company has grown to over 150 locations and five brands nationwide. Sessler was nominated as the Small Business Association (SBA) Person of the Year in 2007 and was named SBA Veteran Champion of the Year in 2010 for his work in offering significant discounts to veterans so that they can start their own business.

In 2009 Sessler became a published author with his book, “Five Percent Chance,” which shares his story of surviving cancer and taking responsibility for his health. In 2013 he authored “The Five Minute Workout” and in 2014 he released “Food Chains.” These days you can find Sessler spending time with his family, leading the HomeTask Network, and serving in his hometown of Burien, Washington.
HomeTask's Yellow Van Handyman Team, White House 2007, Sessler Family, Washington DC Capital 2006, NASCAR 2006, Regional racing photo 2005, Subway with Subway Jared 2008 - Las Vegas, Sessler Family photo

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